What occasions can help kids to fight cancer
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Your birthday, your cat's birthday, wedding, or anniversary – every celebration can be helpful.


Help together with colleagues – create a campaign to celebrate the corporate holiday.


Set yourself a challenge/goal. For example, a sport one. And raise funds to support children while completing it.


Gift a close (or not so much) person special attention and organize a fundraiser.


Turn unwanted stuff into charity donations.

Wedding changes the lives of couple. And it could change thousands of children's lives ❤️ Join!
What is needed for the campaign
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Image. Add a bright photo or illustration of a good quality that will attract attention.
Goal. Set the fundraising goal in UAH. Think over how much you can raise together with your friends. The real-time amount will be shown on your campaign's page.
Name. Come up with an engaging and descriptive campaign's name.
Description. Tell more about yourself and the fundraising you are organizing. What motivated you to create the campaign, its purpose, why it is important to help.
Planning. Think who you will personally ask to support you, how you will tell about a fundraiser on your social networks, and plan regular publications and messages to involve as many people as possible.
How to inspire your friends to join
Plan in advance who you will write to
Tell about the fundraising in personal conversations and messages
Explain why the funds are critical and how they can support the fight against childhood cancer
Thank everyone who contributed
What the contributions can turn into
1 vial of doxorubicin
200 UAH

1 vial of antitumor drug doxorubicin. For the therapy cycle, the child needs 16-24 vials.

1 vial of filgrastim
500 UAH

1 vial of filgrastim, which helps the immune system to work. During treatment, the child is injected with 30-40 vials.

20 safe intravenous drips
1,000 UAH

A three-week supply of aspiration syringes. They protect against infections and are used for the injections of drugs into the infusion system.

Special food
3,000 UAH

Monthly supply of special food for a child who needs a HSCT. This diet provides all the necessary trace elements so that the body has the strength to overcome the transplantation.

Supply of antimicrobial drugs
5,000 UAH

Supply of antimicrobial drug acyclovir for 11 days of treatment. Cancer drugs kill the immune system. And children need extra protection against germs during treatment. A child needs 3 vials daily.

Ampoule of foreign drugs, which has no substitute
30,000 UAH

1 ampoule of antitumor drug ervinase. These drugs are sold only abroad and are prescribed when the child is allergic to all other available drugs.