Terms of use
Last updated 16/01/2023

Please, carefully read these Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as ‘Terms’) of online-platform Super.Tabletochki at https://super.tabletochki.org (hereinafter referred to as ‘Super.Tabletochki’). These Terms contain important information about your legal rights and obligations.
Note, by using Super.Tabletochki, you confirm that you have read, understand, have the legal capacity to, and hereby agree to be legally bound by and to comply with these Terms in full. If you do not agree with these Terms, please, do not continue to use Super.Tabletochki.
Super.Tabletochki is operated and owned by Tabletochki Charity Foundation (registration number 38805429, address: 01010, 14-th
floor, 4/6 Omelianovycha-Pavlenko st., Kyiv, Ukraine), who we may refer to as “Tabletochki”, “Foundation”, “we”, “us” or “our”.
Our collection and use of personal data connected to your access and use of Super.Tabletochki is described in our Privacy Notice.
If you have any questions or comments about these Terms & Conditions or Super.Tabletochki, please email us at info@tabletochki.org. You can also find answers on our website in “FAQ” section.
Entire agreement
Short version: These Terms and Conditions are an agreement between our users and us. By using Super.Tabletochki, you agree
to comply with these terms and all applicable laws and regulations. You must be legally capable of entering into this agreement.

On Super.Tabletochki platform, you can create a fundraising campaign to help children or provide this help supporting a campaign
published on Super.Tabletochki.
These Terms, our Privacy Notice and any operating rules posted on Super.Tabletochki, constitute the entire legally binding agreement and understanding between you (hereinafter referred to as ‘you’ or ‘user’) and Tabletochki, governing your use of
Super.Tabletochki and collection of charitable donations through it.
When you use Super.Tabletochki, you hereby declare and warrant that:
(1) according to your local jurisdiction, you are of legal age and eligible to enter into the Agreement (otherwise ,you can use
Super.Tabletochki exclusively with the involvement of a parent or guardian);
(2) according to your local jurisdiction, you have no restriction to use Super.Tabletochki;
(3) you comply with these Terms and all applicable laws and regulations.
Account registration
Short version: To create a campaign on Super.Tabletochki, you have to create an account. You are responsible for your Account,
and the consequences of its use, as well as for its security.

In order to publish campaigns on Super.Tabletochki, you have to create a personal or corporate account by filling in the form, providing Tabletochki some information about you, and creating a secure password. You will receive an email to confirm
You are obliged to provide accurate and complete information during registration and keep the information of your Account up-to-
date. You can read more about the rules of personal data processing in our Privacy Notice.
When you create a corporate account of a legal entity, you declare and warrant that you are authorized to act on its behalf, grant us
all the permissions and licenses under these Terms and disclose the information about this legal entity through your Account.
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials and for all actions taken through your Account. You
are responsible for complying with all applicable laws, regulations and rules, when using Super.Tabletichki and Account.
If you know or for any reason suspect that someone has gained access to your Account, or that your login information has been
lost, stolen, misappropriated, or otherwise hacked, please notify us immediately by emailing at info@tabletochki.org.
To delete your Account, please email us a request at info@tabletochki.org. As a result of removing your Account, your campaigns
will not be suspended and will continue to raise funds to help children. If you want all your data to be removed, please specify that
in your request to delete the Account.
Campaign creation
Short version: You can create a campaign once you have registered an Account. Your campaign will appear on Super.Tabletochki
upon moderation by our administrator. The collected funds are used to help children the Foundation provides assistance to.
To create a campaign on Super.Tabletochki you have to:

1. Register.
2. Choose the campaign format out of the ones offered on the website.
3. Name your campaign and specify the amount you aim to raise.
4. Describe your campaign in accordance with the requirements of these Terms, then add a high-quality horizontal image with the
dimensions 600х300рх.
5. Send a request to publish a campaign.
Your campaign will be published upon moderation within one business day. If needed, our coordinator may contact you via the
provided contact information to clarify the details.
Please note that all funds raised by your Super.Tabletochki campaign are transferred to the current bank account of Tabletochki
and used for the needs of the children the Foundation assists, i.e., to purchase medicines and supplies, lab reagents; cover the
treatment abroad; psychological and palliative care and other help to kids with cancer. You can find a complete list of Foundation’s
help programs on our website.
After your campaign is over, at the end of the reporting period, you will get an email with the quarterly report about the help children
assisted by Tabetocki received. In particular, thanks to the funds raised to support your campaign. Here the Foundation monthly
publishes general reports on the usage of charitable donations.
If your campaign is not active and does not raise funds, our administrator may contact you to determine whether to prolong or
terminate your campaign. If there is no feedback from your side, we can deactivate your campaign without your prior permission.
Support a campaign
Short version: Super.Tabletochki users can make a charitable donation in favour of the Foundation by supporting a published
campaign. The funds received by Tabletochki are used to help children fighting cancer. You can find the financial and tax reports
on the use of funds on our website.

By supporting a campaign published on Super.Tabletochki, the users make charitable donations in favour of the Foundation for
their use in the following areas: To make any donation via Super.Tabletochki, you have to provide personal information. Learn more about how we process your
personal data in our Privacy Notice. If you choose to donate anonymously, your name will not be displayed on Super.Tabletochki.
After the campaign you supported is over, at the end of the reporting period, you will get the quarterly report to the email you
mentioned. Here the Foundation monthly publishes general reports on the usage of charitable donations.
Please note that we facilitate payments on Super.Tabletochki through the payment services provider that we do not control, namely
LiqPay. Once you follow the payment link, you must abide by the terms of use, privacy policy and other provider's policies. We are
not responsible for the payment data processed by such providers.
Please note that we do not control the exchange rate and commission that the bank may apply.
Content and intellectual property rights
Short version: The Foundation owns Super.Tabletochki and all of its content. In order for you to use Super.Tabletochki and our
content, we give you certain rights to it, but you may only use our content in the way we have allowed.

Super.Tabletochki is owned and controlled by the Foundation. All materials on Super.Tabletochki, including text, images, designs,
graphics, information, logos, video, sounds, interfaces, software, trademarks, trade names, etc. (collectively, the “Content”), as well
as copyright and other intellectual property rights to such Content belong to the Foundation or are posted with the consent of the
You are not allowed to use the Content or any of its elements in any way not provided for in these Terms without the prior
written permission of the Foundation or owners of the Content.

Subject to your compliance with these Terms, Tabletochki grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-sublicensable, non-
transferable license to:
(i) use Super.Tabletochki on your personal device(s) in the manner provided for in these Terms; and
(ii) access and view any Content, including User content made available in or through Super.Tabletochki for personal, non-
commercial use only.
In case you download or copy the Content, no right, title or interest in any downloaded or copied Content is transferred to you as a
result of any such downloading or copying. You are not allowed to reproduce, publish, transmit, distribute, modify, create derivative
works or otherwise use the Content for commercial or illegal purposes without our prior written permission. You agree not to
change or delete any ownership notices from materials downloaded or printed from Super.Tabletochki.
The Foundation reserves the right to alter or revoke this license or cease your access to the Content at any time and for any reason
without prior notice. You are also advised that we are determined to enforce our intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of
the law, including through civil remedies and criminal prosecution.
User content
SuperTeam enables users to create, publish, transmit Content, such as Campaign description, images, comments etc. (User content).
You hereby declare and warrant that your User content, published by you on Super.Tabletochki:
  • does not contain abusive language, offensive comments related to race, nation, gender, sexual preferences or physical disabilities;
  • does not contain obscene material (such as pornography, scenes of violence or criminal activity);
  • is not unacceptable or unauthorized advertising, chain letters, spam, mass mailings or other forms of imposition;
  • does not promote violence and cruelty, does not contain threats and does not encourage violence against any person or animal;
  • is not fraudulent and does not violate any applicable laws, regulations or rules;
  • does not violate the right to private life of the third parties.
If the description of your campaign violates warranties mentioned above or otherwise may be harmful or unacceptable to
Tabletochki, users or third parties, our administrator may refuse to publish your campaign on Super.Tabletochki.
When you share any User content through Super.Tabletochki you hereby declare and warrant that:
(1) Distribution of your User content does not infringe the property or non-property rights of the third parties, including copyright,
trade secrets and other intellectual property rights.
(2) You are the sole and exclusive owner of all User content that you publish on Super.Tabletochki, or have all the rights, licenses,
consents and permissions required to grant Tabletochki the rights to this User content, and allow us and other users to use your
User content in any way allowed by these Terms and functionality of Super.Tabletochki.
(3) You are responsible for all personal information that may be contained in your User content (e.g. addresses, pictures of people,
phone numbers, etc.)
All rights, including intellectual property rights to such User content, belong to you. You hereby declare and warrant that you are
authorized to and hereby grant Tabletochki a limited, non-exclusive, free, revocable, sublicensable, transferable worldwide license
to access, use, copy, reproduce, publish, modify and distribute such User content for the purpose of rendering services through
Super.Tabletochki or other purposes under these Terms.
Links to third-party websites
Short version: When using sites and services that we do not control, you must comply with other terms of use and privacy policies.
Some features of Super.Tabletochki, for instance, making a charitable donation, may be made available or accessed in connection
with third-party services that Tabletochki does not control.
We make every effort to resolve any issues that may occur. However, we are not responsible for the content and functionality of
those or any other websites or services, as well as for any losses, damages or other liabilities incurred as a result of your use of
any linked websites or services.
Please note that other terms of use and privacy policies apply to your use of third-party sites and services. Tabletochki is
not responsible for any personal data processed by third-party websites and services.
Disclaimer of warranties, Limitation of liability
Short version: Super.Tabletochki is provided to you “as is”, and we make no promises or guarantees about it. We will not be liable
for damages or losses arising from your use or inability to use Super.Tabletochki or otherwise arising under this agreement.

Super.Tabletochki is provided to you by Tabletochki Foundation “as is”. Other than as expressly set out in these Terms or any of
our policies on Super.Tabletochki, the Foundation disclaims all warranties regarding Super.Tabletochki, its features and content to
the fullest extent permitted by law.
The Foundation is responsible for the use of charitable donations in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
We are not making any promises of any kind, including about Super.Tabletochki’s accuracy, usefulness, reliability and validity.
Tabletochki does not guarantee that Super.Tabletochki will be uninterrupted or secure, that any defects will be corrected, or that
Super.Tabletochki is free of viruses or anything else harmful.
The Foundation is not responsible if any information, materials, content available through Super.Tabletochki are inaccurate or
incomplete, as well as for typographical errors or omissions in texts or other materials.
In no event shall Tabletochki, its founders, employees, contractors or volunteers be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special,
punitive or consequential damages related to any use or inability to use Super.Tabletochki; including, without limitation, any
damages caused by mistakes, omissions, interruptions, defects, viruses, even if the Foundation has been advised of the possibility
of such damages.
The foregoing limitations of liability do not apply to the extent prohibited by law.
Shot version: You are responsible for your use of Super.Tabletochki. If you harm someone else or get into a dispute with
someone else, we will not be involved.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Tabletochki, our partners, employees, contractors and volunteers from and
against any and all claims, responsibility, damages, losses, and expenses, including reasonable legal and accounting expenses,
arising from: (i) any breach by you of any of these Terms, (ii) your use/misuse of Super.Tabletochki, content or features available
on Super.Tabletochki or (iii) a violation by you of applicable law or any agreement or terms with a third party to which you are
You also agree to reimburse Tabletochki for any damage, loss, cost or expense the Foundation incurs (including fees or costs of
attorneys, accountants, professional advisors and other experts) in connection with the defense or settlement of the foregoing,
because of your use of Super.Tabletochki for any unlawful or prohibited purpose.
We reserve the right to handle our legal defense however we see fit, including instances when you are indemnifying us. Therefore,
you agree to cooperate with us so we execute our strategy.
Applicable law and jurisdiction
Shot version: This agreement is governed by the laws of Ukraine. We hope to resolve all the issues by peaceful means, but in
case a serious dispute arises between us, it must be resolved in the national court of Ukraine.

Except as otherwise set forth in these Terms or any policies, these Terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in
accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
If any material on Super.Tabletochki, or your use of Super.Tabletochki is contrary to the laws of the place where you are when you
access it, Super.Tabletochki is not intended for you, and we ask you not to use it. You are responsible for informing yourself of the
laws of your jurisdiction and complying with them.
Any dispute, conflict, claim or controversy directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with Super.Tabletochki or these
Terms, including those relating to its validity, its construction or its enforceability, shall be resolved by means of amicable
negotiations directly with Tabletochki team in accordance with the principles of good faith and cooperation. If the consensus may
not be reached by the negotiations, the dispute shall be settled exclusively in the state courts of Ukraine, subject to its jurisdiction
rules, with the applicable substantive law of Ukraine.
All claims shall be brought within one (1) year after the claim arises, except to the extent a longer period is required by applicable
Electronic communications
By providing your email via Super.Tabletochki, you understand and agree that we may send you electronic communications,
including (i) notifications on updates of Super.Tabletochki; (ii) information or materials regarding your use of Super.Tabletochki and
Account; (ііі) information on charitable donations and their further use by the Foundation; (iv) information on these Terms updates.
You may unsubscribe from receiving these emails from us by following the instructions provided therein.
Other terms
If any provision of these Terms is determined to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms will
continue to be fully valid and enforceable.
We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms to a third party, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations
under these Terms.
A printed version of these Terms shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based on or relating to the use of
Super.Tabletochki to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally
generated and maintained in printed form.
We reserve the right, at any time at our sole discretion, to modify these Terms. In case of considerable changes affecting your use
of Super.Tabletochki, we’ll notify you prior to the changes’ effective date by posting a notice on Super.Tabletochki or sending you
an email.
Contact information
If you have any questions or comments about these Terms & Conditions, Super.Tabletochki or activities of Tabletochki, please contact us by:
+380 67 464 87 74
4/6 Omelianovycha-Pavlenko st., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01010