Questions and answers

1. Who does own the super.tabletochki platform? is a platform created to collect online donations for Tabletochki Charitable Foundation. It is the largest Foundation in Ukraine that has been committed to supporting families fighting childhood cancer. It was established in 2011 and is not owned by any political party, commercial organization, or influential person. The organization is funded by charitable contributions from individuals and legal entities. Please find more information at

2. Who can organize a fundraising campaign at super.tabletochki?

Everyone, regardless of age or country of residence, can organize a fundraising campaign to help children with cancer. You can create it as an individual or from a group of friends or colleagues.

3. How will the money raised be spent?

Tabletochki Foundation will use all money raised through super.tabletochki to help children with cancer. We purchase medicine and supplies for families fighting childhood cancer and pediatric oncology units; cover the physical examination cost; provide psychological support, palliative care, etc. You can see the complete list of Tabletochki Foundation's projects at

4. Where can I see how the money fundraised was used?

When your campaign is over, you will receive Foundation's quarterly report to the email you provided during registration.

5. Is it possible to raise money here for personal needs or other organizations' benefits?

On the online platform super.tabletochki you can run a fundraising campaign only to help children with cancer who Tabletochki Foundation assists.

6. What should I do to start a fundraising campaign?

To start fundraising, you need to register and create your campaign on the platform. If you need some inspiration, you can see examples of existing campaigns here If you have an interesting idea but do not know yet how to implement it – please write details to, and we will think together how to put it into practice.

7. What amount should I aim to raise?

You can specify any amount. We recommend focusing on the number of friends and acquaintances you plan to engage, as well as the scale of the event. You can always change your fundraising goal during the campaign.

8. What happens if I don't reach the campaign goal and raise less money?

No help is too small. With any outcome of the campaign, children will receive help – and this is the most important thing. For the families of children with cancer, this is priceless support. Contributions made through your campaign immediately get credited to the Foundation's account and turn into assistance. When the campaign is over, you and the people who supported it will receive e-mail with quarterly report. Also, all campaigns remain on the platform permanently, so even after their official closure, contributions can be made.

9. Payment failed. What should I do?

Sometimes the payment fails because:
- you have exceeded daily / monthly online payment limit;
- card has expired;
- the account has insufficient funds.

If you checked those items and the payment still does not go through, please email us at

10. Is it possible to donate on the platform via PayPal or a foreign bank card?

Yes, charitable contributions on this platform are accepted from the cards of both Ukrainian and foreign banks. If suddenly your payment fails, please e-mail us at Or donate via GlobalGiving or JustGiving (more info at

11. Will Tabletochki Foundation's employee attend my event?

Usually, the Foundation's team does not participate in private fundraising events. It is essential that volunteers engage friends and colleagues in help and spread the culture of charity.

12. Where can I get more information about Tabletochki Foundation?

All information about the work of Tabletochki Foundation is posted on If you do not find the answer to your question there, please e-mail us at

13. Where can I get more information about Tabletochki Foundation?

You can find detailed information about the work of Tabletochki Foundation on If you do not find the answer to your question there, please e-mail us at

14. How soon will I see my campaign on the platform after it was created?

Your campaign will be published when the coordinator verifies it. Verification usually takes up to one business day.

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