About the platform

The site super.tabletochki.org is a special platform of the Tabletochki Charitable Foundation, where you can raise funds to help children with cancer. Create a fundraising campaign, invite friends to contribute, and together bring children closer to recovery.

The more people you unite around help, the more vital support children will receive. And when a child has everything he or she needs for treatment, his or her chances of winning increase. Superheroes and Superheroines like you and your friends bring the future where no child in Ukraine is dying of cancer closer.

About Foundation

Tabletochki is a charitable foundation that has been helping children with cancer for ten years already.

The organization focuses on four areas: targeted family support, systemic support of pediatric oncology units, patient rights protection, and professional training for dedicated medical staff.
Each month Tabletochki assists 500 families and 21 pediatric oncology units nationwide.

Over the years, more than 6500 families have received targeted support from the foundation.

About cancer

Every day three families in Ukraine get their child diagnosed with cancer. Nowadays, around 50% of these children survive. You can change that.