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  • Oksana's birthday
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I've been inspired by one of my friend's idea about celebrating her birthday, so I thought it's not too late to make something good out of my (belated) birthday. I have realised that I didn't get any present this year (which didn't have any effect on my birthday as it was actually wonderful!) So maybe it's a good sign? Why buy useless stuff for each other while there are so many children in Ukraine who do not know whether they survive till their next birthday? Be honest with yourself: don't you buy something yourself when you need/want it? So, if you are happy I was born some years ago, do not hesitate to contribute. If you don't like me ;-P, you can contribute to Julia's birthday: FYI: There is no medical insurance system in Ukraine, neither does the so-called "free medicine" really work (you pay for medication, you pay to doctors, you pay to nurses etc. etc.). Further, imports (that means all imported medicines) have become 6 times as expensive compared to 2008, and 3 times compared to 2013, while many people are experiencing cuts even in their nominal (not to mention real!) salaries.

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