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Olga's Birthday

As you may know my birthday is coming up this month. I am not expecting presents, but if you are thinking of getting me something, I would really love if you would support a Ukrainian charity instead of a present. I have set up a campaign for a Ukrainian Charity TABLETOCHKI.

TABLETOCHKI is a charity fund assisting Ukrainian children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Here are some of the things it funds:

- paying for surgeries that cannot be performed in Ukraine, which means they pay for the surgery of the child abroad (currently at the hospitals in Italy or Poland), transportation, accommodation for the family etc

- purchasing medications that cannot be obtained as they are not registered in Ukraine or are not funded by the Government (and most parents simply cannot afford to buy them)

- providing palliative care to terminally ill children

- providing social and psychological support to sick kids and their parents

1100 kids in Ukraine are diagnosed with cancer every year. In Western Europe 80-90% of the kids who have cancer survive, comparing to only 50% in Ukraine.

Let’s help Ukrainian kids beat cancer. Any donation big or small is greatly appreciated :)

Please note that the payments are made in Ukrainian hryvnias:


100₴=5AUD=4USD etc

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